Having the suitable knoweldge and the necessary equipment, "Raptis I.A. & I. G.P" can provide specialized services of high quality in our facilities or in the facilities of our customers.

As we are always driven by our customers' needs and our basic criterion is to provide our best services, our Company aims to carry out each project quickly and reliably and also support our customers for any maintenance needs 24 hours/7 days.

We provide the following services:


  1. Electric-industrial installations in industries and shipping companies
  2. Installations and maintenance of medium voltage substations
  3. Conventional automations
  4. PLC automations
  5. Installation of lighting for buildings
  6. Maintenance and extension of electric-industrial installations  
  7. Construction of electric panels

Our Company is equipped with modern measuring instruments (megger 250-5000V, measuring instrument for dielectric test 20KV, vibration measuring instrument) and is supported a well manned team for motor windings and maintenance.

  1. AC motors
  2. Slip ring motors
  3. DC motors
  4. Medium voltage motors
  5. Rotors
  6. Underwater pumps
  7. Transformers
  8. Gear motors
  1. AC motor  
  2. DC motor
  3. Slip ring motors
  4. Pumps
  5. Gear motors

"Raptis I.A. & I. G.P" has a remarkable stock of AC motors and can provide its customers with any type of motors.